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MY LIFE: I was born in June 29, 1962 in the Casa de Saúde Santa Lúcia, Humaitá, South Zone, Rio de Janeiro, but lived in Brasília, Săo Paulo, etc. Travelled a lot around the world, but like to stay home (if possible). My mood and interests vary according to phases (music, etc). I'm a family person, hard worker. I'm a little exhibitionist and show-offy. My dream-job is to be a collection-based taxonomist in a big museum in a big city with lots of funds to research on arachnids. I don't ever think about retiring.

MY APPEARANCE: Wanna see my faces over the years? Just click here... Or much better: go and see Ian & Milena's faces!

My selection of cool links - (why so few? maybe I'm too lazy to add more...)

my Martian garden (thanks, Samantha, for starting it)

meu toque

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