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The objective of the MSc course offered by PPGEO is to enable the acquisition of in-depth knowledge in the area of ​​Geopaleontological Heritage, forming a human resource capable of acting indifferently:

  • In the preservation of the geoscientific resources base of the nation, within the framework of the impacts produced on this heritage by developmental entrepreneurs, in the light of the mineral and environmental legislation;
  • In research in the areas of concentration in Geological Heritage and Paleobiological Heritage within an interdisciplinary perspective involving the areas of Geology, Paleontology, Biology, Oceanography, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Archeology and related areas;
  • In the management and protection of Brazilian geoscientific heritage contained in the geosites and in the scientific collections of teaching and research institutions;
  • In the training of teachers at the postgraduate level.

Profile of the professional to be formed

The professional trained in the master's degree program of PPGEO should be able to:

  • Recognize the basic principles that allow the understanding of the main elements of geodiversity and biodiversity;
  • Conceptualizing Geological Heritage and Paleobiological Heritage;
  • Use the knowledge of the Brazilian legislation regarding the Geological Heritage and Paleobiological Heritage in the management of areas with patrimonial interest for the Union;
  • Apply the technical knowledge acquired in the protection of the Geological and Paleobiological Heritage;
  • To act in the diverse activities of management and protection of geoscientific collections in educational and research institutions;
  • Develop research activities in at least one of the concentration areas of this course;
  • To develop teaching activities at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

General information

Center Museu Nacional/UFRJ
Coordinator Dr. Sergio Alex Kugland Azevedo
Level Master
Number of vacancies per selection 20 vacancies
Minimum number of hours 450 hours